Dr. Vasa is one of the few people who have contributed a lot in training young doctors & surgeons. His institute has produced impeccably equipped surgeons to perform the procedure of Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE).

FUE involves taking a single or cluster of hair follicles from that region which has dense & healthy hair & is then transplanted into the balding region. In FUE, a hi definition, medically sophisticated instrument called punch is used to extract the hair follicles. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia. The punch penetrates deep into the skin upto the roots of the follicles & plucks the hair follicle/follicles out by detaching it from the tissue. The direction, angular position of the hair follicle inside the skin could be very different from the direction seen over the scalp region, hence extreme care & high level of expertise is needed for this procedure. These follicles are drafted carefully in the balding area.

As reports suggest that more than 50% males suffer from hair loss & there is a lack of surgeons who have the academic, theoretical knowledge to deal with the intricacies of hair transplant & perform the procedure safely; this course which is developed by Dr. Vasa gives you a great opportunity to embark on a learning curve again, switch fields remaining within the healthcare domain, as well as serve people. This course would be immensely useful to you if you are:-

  • Looking for a switch in specialization within the healthcare domain.
  • Searching for long-term prospects.
  • Dissatisfied with your current job profile.
  • Seeking a new opportunity with a better income.
  • Looking to improve your current skill sets.
  • Aware that this course can help you leap frog ahead of the crowd.

All healthcare professionals with a license to practice as a GP, Physician or Surgeon are suitable candidates for FUE hair transplant training. This is an absolute hands-on training.